What is it?The Mentoring Plus Strategy draws upon the skills and knowledge of the retired and near retired (55+) population, to help support individuals (16 – 35+) to explore and connect to career paths that relate to the Future of Work, by implementing a variety of Team Mentoring Initiatives.

The Strategy also supports business sectors, non-profit groups, training programs, secondary and post-secondary institutions and sector councils, to mention a few, as they develop strategies and programming to meet the specific needs of the clientele, participants, and communities they serve.

Why It's Important

Why its importantThe provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have the largest percentages of seniors per capita in Canada. According to the 2016 census, seniors account for nearly 40% of the population in Pictou, Colchester and Kings County alike.

This growing number of seniors/retirees are increasingly disengaged from their community and looking for opportunities to give back. At the same time, there is a large and growing number of individuals, from high school students to mature learners who are disengaged from the labour market and do not have a sense of the many viable career paths and employment options available to them. This is exacerbated by concerns and confusion around the changing nature of work. 

The Mentoring Plus strategy believes that these different demographics can learn from each other and exchange knowledge in an impactful way.

What It Can Do For You

What It can do for youThe Mentoring Plus Strategy recognizes that people are a resource and provides an opportunity for seniors to become involved in meaningful activities within their community. As mentors, volunteer seniors share their skills and knowledge about their careers and life experiences with individuals of a variety of age groups and backgrounds, helping them to chart their future. This knowledge exchange can break unhealthy cycles and better prepare individuals for their working lives.

Whether you are a retired individual looking for a way to stay active while utilizing your skills and experience, a business owner seeking support, a training institution eager to expand programming, an individual seeking career advice, or any other program, association, sector council, or community group eager to contribute to the social inclusion of seniors and the continued growth of your community as a whole, The Mentoring Plus Strategy wants to hear from you.