Anyone who can benefit from the support and expertise of a Mentor is a Mentee.

Mentees may be students, business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, unemployed or underemployed individuals trying to navigate their next steps.  The range of possible situations is very wide.

Mentees will work with their mentors in a scenario that is comfortable for them. This could happen in a number of different ways through one on one mentorship, workshops, group programming, online meeting platforms or even a conversation over coffee. With coordination from the Mentoring Plus team, they will endeavour to build and sustain effective mentoring relationships, learn new skills, discuss employment and education options and business ideas.

Mentoring - Motivation, Advice, Success, Direction, Coaching, Support, Goal, Training


Under the Mentoring Plus Strategy, Mentors are retired or near-retired individuals and all members of the 55+ community who are interested in sharing their valuable career and life experience with others.

They freely give their time to share their knowledge and expertise with their mentee. Effective mentors are able to appreciate different perspectives, provide helpful and constructive feedback and understand that there are many definitions of success. Mentor and mentee relationships are mutually beneficial, and the Mentoring Plus Strategy can help provide both mentees and mentors with the skills, connections, and the support they need to make impactful changes in their lives and communities.